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Created on 2016-01-07 18:39:40 (#2478273), last updated 2016-04-07 (76 weeks ago)

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Name:Smash Rising's communications network
Posting Access:All Members


Once our network is restored:

!public post: Any post that is not marked as "private" will be public.

!media post: Audio, video, sticky notes, papers slipped under doors... things like that should get a "media" tag. Yes, even telepathy is a media, okay. It's a media of the mind.

!chat post: The Network has a built-in Instant Messaging/chat system, and works exactly as you'd expect. You can invent a time stamp and a character screen name and go from there. An example of this can be found here.

!private post: Sometimes you just want to make a message directed to only certain individual(s). That's fine! Use this tag. Please use cuts or [bold brackets] or some other way to distinguish what's a private message and what's not, and most importantly who it's to. Note: private messages can be fair game to "hacking". Please indicate in some way how easy is it or isn't to hack if you'd like these sorts of shenanigans. When in doubt, just think in-character and be sure to ask the player who's character you intend to hack! OOC communication is key.

!action post: Any post that has your character running physically around the Mansion or Islands. Prose logs should be saved for the log community, but [action tags] can be used for this situation. These will be essential until the Network is up and running!

● And don't forget to tag your characters in your posts AND in network posts to which you reply! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO TAG YOUR POSTS.

That's it! PLEASE CONTACT A MOD IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR TAG. Or! If you think there's a strong need for a new type of tag, or notice a duplicate or make a misspelling, just let a mod know and we'll fix it.


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